I am a person who is not very fond of pastel hues. I have always loved dark hues, especially black. For my style, I love to look rebel-ish, in contrast with my bubbly personality. This time, I’m trying on a flowy Zalora peach top. I love how it’s cropped and flowy at the same time. Perfect … More SWEET AND SPICED


Spice up your bikini by adding an aztec cropped top. For people like me who rarely have time and money to go buy new stuff, we often end up wearing the same pair of bikinis every summer. Go grab your cropped top and wear it over your two-piece summer BEACH wear, it makes everything look … More BIKINI UPGRADE


Pair up your simple white top and jeans with this Maxi Cardigan, add up a little height, and feel like a Supergirl. I was not very fond of wearing heels, it makes me end up shoeless at the end of the day. But, I’ve decided to give it a try and survive for a day. And … More MAXI MONDAY