You’ve probably heard about Thailand’s Songkran Festival.

Topless men and girls on bikinis walking around the streets, water guns and cold water splashing everywhere. They’ve got their way of greeting you a HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Here are some places you should check out during the Songkran Festival.

Wat Pho Temple

If you want to celebrate Songkran and go temple hopping at the same time, Wat Pho should be on your top list. Experience the different side of their tradition and see amazing sights.

Khao San

This is where the PARTEY is at. Just be a little cautious, it gets really crowdy. This place can be fun and dangerous at the same time.


This is where you’ll see diverse people water-war marching. If your not after the great crowd of Khao San, this might just be the perfect place for you. You can enjoy fun-chill-splashing around.

Central World

This is where foam parties usually happen. After enjoying the water-war walk in Silom, you can go ahead and continue the party at Central World.

Hope this helps if you plan on booking for the next Songkran Festival.



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