So a SONA inspired event was upcoming. The first thing I did was to surf the internet for style inspirations. Then I pictured myself on a White Filipiñana. Next, I went on dress shop hopping looking for that perfect white dress. To my surprise, renting one, costs almost P2000. WHAT? I could buy a new dress with that.


I decided to visit the nearest mall to look for on sale long dresses. I went window shopping from the department store to different brand shops around the mall. Finally, I saw a long plain tube white dress with a slit embellished with gold sequins.

Love at first sight.

I went on to the fitting room and tried it. OMG. It fits perfectly. I checked the prize. BOOM! P3000. jawdrop

But then I thought, hmm, maybe it’s gonna be worth it. If I rent and spend P2000 for something that wouldn’t be mine for a day, it would be like just burning 2 freaking thousand bucks. NO. Not worth it. If I buy this dress, all I have to do is look for butterfly sleeves then, BAM, I got myself a Filipiñana. PLUS, it’s mine. PLUS, I get to wear it on other events.

So I went around dress shop hunting and found a white butterfly sleeves. Rented it for some of hundred bucks. Sewed it in place. Then, WALLA! Here’s my DIY Filipiñana.

I got a couple of compliments and some “Where did you get that dres?”

We’ll I just got q little bit of savvy and creative.


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