If your having a long weekend off, and you and your friends are planning to visit Sarangani, here are places I could recommend to you.

Sarangani Highlands

The place is really beautiful. A garden away from the city. You get to see the view of the city, the mountains and the see.

Booked for an overnight stay on a Sunday. I was lucky to have availed the discount promo on Sundays. Instead of paying P2,250 for a room good for 7, I only paid for P1,800.

Room? Well, uhm, satisfactory. What I liked about it is that we had 2 shower areas, and 2 toilets inside our room. The only problem was the TV. It was not working. Even though they have replaced it with another one, it still was not working.

Food is good but quite pricey.

Note that this place good if you drive with your car. It’s around 15 – 20 mins away from the City.

Visit their page here:


Tiongson Arcade

Speaking of food, you’ve got to eat dinner at Tiongson Arcade.

Tiongson arcade is actually like a night market (of food). You get to choose from different fresh seafood and ask them to cook it for you.

Price wise? Budget wise. Worth it.


Lemlunay, Sarangani

As for a person like me, who loves pool, and the view of the sea, Lemlunay is a place be.

Visit their page here:


Oh, just take the signature Gensan photo standing by the big man made falls of Veranza Mall.


Total expenses:

P1500       gasoline

P1800       (7 pax) @ Sarangani Highlands

P100         per person @ Lemlunay

P1500        (7 pax) @ Tiongson Aracade


Surely, I have not visited a lot of places in Sangani. These places are good for an overnight chill.


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