Love at first sight.

Have you ever fall’n inlove with a romper? Well I did.

I fell inlove with this romper, the first time I saw it. Maybe because I came from a break-up from that romper I thought I already had.

I was ultimately inlove with a blue classic romper. WAS. By the time it was available at Zalora, I ordered it immediately. Sadly, it was too big for me, so I sent it back for a change size. They could not find the size that I was looking for so they refunded it instead. I was eyeing for that for months and I thought I had it, but now it’s gone. 😦

But anyway, in order for me to get over that sad break-up (although I aint over it yet), I searched for a new love. And I found it at veraclothing.

Oh, I love the items they sell. I would love to have the peach version of this, which they also have.

I bought this for P280 only.

This is perfect for formal events, or just casual wear. You just have to find a perfect match for this, and you will surely rock it.

Anyway, that romper, which I’m not over yet. I’d be waiting for you, and I will have you.

If you’re curious where the photos were taken, I’d be blogging about it soon.




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