If you’re looking for a summer destination in Samal, go for Playa Azalea.

You could either enjoy the beach for free or or pay a fee and swim at the pool.

It currently has 2 wonderful pools to choose from. The bigger one on lower side, near the beach. And, the one on the upper side; the smallest, yet the coolest infinity pool i have ever seen.

Don’t forget to bring food and drinks. You can’t find any there. They have a griller though, near the Club House.

Wanna know how to get there?

Lucky you if you have your own car! All you need is to go to SASA WARF. Once you have reached Samal Warf, you have to turn right and just go all the way. You will never miss it on your way.

If you don’t wanna drive there, all you have to do is go to MARINA WARF (Pearl Farm Waiting Area). But don’t forget to book your speedboat earlier, for you to be fetched. You will be picked up from Marina Warf on your scheduled time and and then be sent back to Marina Warf before 5pm. The speed boat costs P1000/10pax.

For more information visit their website.


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